Advanced Mechanics Trading & Contracting (AMC) is a Saudi Arabian establishment located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. AMC provides a wide range of rotating equipment services that include in-situ overhauls, installation, commissioning, condition monitoring, failure investigations and other rotating equipment services.

Our Vision

To be a regional leader in rotating equipment services

Our Mission

Provide cost effective, high quality and reliable rotating equipment services, while capitalizing on local content.

Reliability of pelletizer knives is key to sustaining continuous and cost efficient production. The time consumed in replacing knives will either result in production interruption or spend of valuable resources such as time and money to resume production. OEMs understand that very will and as such take advantage by charging heavy price tag for their knives. However, having local access to USG knives completely changes the equation. USG knives are OEM match knives that are engineered, designed and manufactured in Germany, delivering outstanding reliability that may exceed that of the OEM in case of upgrades. Also, not being an OEM is another added advantage as it enables serving a wide range of applications and end-users at a reasonable price.

AMC participated in the 11th Sabic Technical Meeting, which took place on November 3rd – 5th, 2014. It was a golden opportunity to be part of such a platform, which enabled the key maintenance personnel and professionals to meet first hand with AMC. Throughout the event, AMC was able to demonstrate and discuss the offered services in depth including troubleshooting, commissioning, QA/QC, overhauls and failure investigations. In addition, AMC showcased the newly introduced German pelletizer knives made by USG.